The scout leader training programme

The training programme consists of a number of modules covering different skills needed as a leader.

The scheme consists of two parts:

Learning: To gain or improve the knowledge and skills you need to develop for your role.

Validation: To check you have the skills you need.

Learning can be done in a variety of ways depending on the particular module

All learning must be validated by the criteria found in the APF (Adult’s personal file) specific to each module by a Training Advisor (TA).

  • For Exec members there are 2 mandatory Module (see Exec tab)
  • For Section Assistants, there are 3 mandatory Modules (see Getting Started tab)
  • For Leaders and Assistant Leader, there are 19 Modules and recognition with a Wood Badge on completion (see Getting Started & Leaders Tabs)
  •  For Managers, there are 16 mandatory Modules ( plus others dependant on role) and recognition with a Wood Badge on completion.

There are also On-going modules required (every 5 years) to keep abreast with Safeguarding and Safety (see On-going Training tab)

First Aid is also a mandatory training as certificates only last 3 years (See First Aid tab)


In Rotherfield we have a Leader Development Team to assist in ensuring all Adult Scouts have the skills they need for their roles.

This team consist of Training Manager, Trainers and Training Advisor who can perform the validation of modules.

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