The training programme for Executive Committee members

The training programme has 2 specific modules for members of the Executive Committee.

Both are on-line courses:

These modules are:

#1e – Essential Information for Executive Committee members

Essential Information for Executive Committee Members is a mandatory module that covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, but also provides more specific information on the responsibilities of Executive Committee Members, enabling them to carry out their role effectively.

– This has a mandatory e-learning course – available at:

GDPR – Genear Data Protection Regulations

E-learning course on the impact of GDPR on Scouting and the responsibility to keep data safe.,888&moduleID=10

Please print the certificate produced after the quiz at the end
This is needed to be able to validate the module


To be able to validate these 2 modules the certificates produced at the end of these need to be given to a Training Advisor along with confirmation of participation at an Exec (or AGM) meeting please.



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